This is a full catalog of Cesaroni motors, with associating thrust curves and burn data

The data are courtesy of Mark Koelsch / and represent his collection as of 12/15/2012. I limit my contribution to organizing the data by diameter and case, and colorizing the graphs.

I generate this catalog from Mark's .eng files using a custom Python script. If you find inaccuracies in my compilation, or have feedback on the presentation, please share them in this thread on The Rocketry Forum.

Ari Krupnik.

Pro24 1G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
E22-SS Smoky Sam 30.8N 6.9lbf 1.1s 56.5g 2.0oz 20.3g 0.7oz 69mm 2.72" 4s-13s
E31-WH White 43.8N 9.9lbf 0.9s 52.0g 1.8oz 16.9g 0.6oz 69mm 2.72" 6s-15s
E75-VM Vmax 95.1N 21.4lbf 0.3s 52.0g 1.8oz 16.0g 0.6oz 69mm 2.72" 8s-17s
Pro24 3G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
F30-WHLB White Longburn 54.2N 12.2lbf 2.6s 102.2g 3.6oz 40.0g 1.4oz 133mm 5.24" 2s-7s
F50-SK Skidmark 69.5N 15.6lbf 1.3s 93.9g 3.3oz 38.2g 1.3oz 133mm 5.24" 4s-13s
F51-CL Classic 84.1N 18.9lbf 1.6s 95.0g 3.4oz 40.0g 1.4oz 133mm 5.24" 5s-12s
F79-SS Smoky Sam 96.3N 21.6lbf 1.0s 107.5g 3.8oz 40.1g 1.4oz 133mm 5.24" 4s-13s
F85-WT White Thunder 102.4N 23.0lbf 0.9s 96.0g 3.4oz 42.0g 1.5oz 133mm 5.24" 6s-15s
F240-VM Vmax 281.4N 63.3lbf 0.3s 91.8g 3.2oz 30.3g 1.1oz 133mm 5.24" 7s-15s
Pro24 6G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
G65-WHLB White Longburn 157.9N 35.5lbf 2.4s 174.0g 6.1oz 80.0g 2.8oz 228mm 8.98" 3s-8s
G84-GR Green 129.8N 29.2lbf 1.6s 172.0g 6.1oz 77.3g 2.7oz 228mm 8.98" 2s-10s
G100-SK Skidmark 178.2N 40.1lbf 1.2s 159.0g 5.6oz 73.0g 2.6oz 228mm 8.98" 5s-14s
G107-WH White 221.8N 49.9lbf 1.5s 169.8g 6.0oz 75.7g 2.7oz 228mm 8.98" 3s-12s
G117-WH White 177.9N 40.0lbf 1.4s 172.5g 6.1oz 79.1g 2.8oz 228mm 8.98" 4s-11s
G127-RL Red Lightning 179.8N 40.4lbf 1.1s 166.0g 5.9oz 81.0g 2.9oz 228mm 8.98" 5s-14s
G145-PK Pink 346.0N 77.8lbf 1.0s 161.9g 5.7oz 77.2g 2.7oz 228mm 8.98" 6s-15s
G150-BS Blue Streak 247.0N 55.5lbf 1.1s 159.9g 5.6oz 65.9g 2.3oz 228mm 8.98" 4s-13s
Pro29 1G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
F29-IM Imax 33.2N 7.5lbf 2.0s 105.8g 3.7oz 37.6g 1.3oz 98mm 3.86" 3s-12s
F36-BS Blue Streak 43.0N 9.7lbf 1.5s 101.0g 3.6oz 32.0g 1.1oz 98mm 3.86" 5s-14s
F36-SS Smoky Sam 79.0N 17.8lbf 1.1s 104.0g 3.7oz 35.0g 1.2oz 98mm 3.86" 2s-11s
F59-WT White Thunder 71.0N 16.0lbf 1.0s 99.0g 3.5oz 31.0g 1.1oz 98mm 3.86" 3s-12s
F120-VM Vmax 143.5N 32.3lbf 0.5s 106.2g 3.7oz 31.4g 1.1oz 98mm 3.86" 5s-14s
Pro29 2G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
G57-CL Classic 88.0N 19.8lbf 1.9s 146.0g 5.2oz 59.0g 2.1oz 142mm 5.59" 3s-12s
G68-WH White 91.8N 20.6lbf 1.8s 155.9g 5.5oz 59.9g 2.1oz 142mm 5.59" 4s-13s
G80-SK Skidmark 108.1N 24.3lbf 1.2s 143.2g 5.1oz 56.4g 2.0oz 142mm 5.59" 5s-14s
G83-BS Blue Streak 100.0N 22.5lbf 1.3s 145.0g 5.1oz 58.0g 2.0oz 142mm 5.59" 5s-14s
G88-SS Smoky Sam 116.0N 26.1lbf 1.0s 152.0g 5.4oz 64.0g 2.3oz 142mm 5.59" 2s-11s
G126-WT White Thunder 168.0N 37.8lbf 0.9s 145.0g 5.1oz 59.0g 2.1oz 142mm 5.59" 4s-13s
G250-VM Vmax 287.0N 64.5lbf 0.5s 141.3g 5.0oz 57.5g 2.0oz 142mm 5.59" 5s-14s
Pro29 3G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
G54-RL Red Lightning 121.7N 27.4lbf 3.0s 198.2g 7.0oz 96.8g 3.4oz 187mm 7.36" 3s-12s
G106-SK Skidmark 131.0N 29.4lbf 1.4s 187.0g 6.6oz 81.0g 2.9oz 187mm 7.36" 5s-14s
G118-BS Blue Streak 156.0N 35.1lbf 1.4s 188.0g 6.6oz 83.0g 2.9oz 187mm 7.36" 6s-15s
G125-RL Red Lightning 170.8N 38.4lbf 1.3s 194.5g 6.9oz 89.6g 3.2oz 187mm 7.36" 5s-14s
G131-SS Smoky Sam 155.0N 34.8lbf 1.1s 200.0g 7.1oz 94.0g 3.3oz 187mm 7.36" 5s-14s
H54-WHLB White Longburn 103.1N 23.2lbf 3.5s 209.0g 7.4oz 96.6g 3.4oz 187mm 7.36" 3s-10s
H87-IM Imax 145.5N 32.7lbf 1.9s 205.0g 7.2oz 92.7g 3.3oz 187mm 7.36" 3s-12s
H90-CL Classic 155.0N 34.8lbf 1.9s 190.0g 6.7oz 84.0g 3.0oz 187mm 7.36" 3s-12s
H133-BS Blue Streak 200.0N 45.0lbf 1.3s 190.0g 6.7oz 85.0g 3.0oz 187mm 7.36" 5s-14s
H163-WT White Thunder 225.0N 50.6lbf 1.1s 187.0g 6.6oz 86.0g 3.0oz 187mm 7.36" 5s-14s
H410-VM Vmax 517.5N 116.3lbf 0.4s 182.5g 6.4oz 84.5g 3.0oz 187mm 7.36" 3s-14s
Pro29 4G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
H118-CL Classic 183.0N 41.1lbf 1.9s 232.0g 8.2oz 111.0g 3.9oz 231mm 9.09" 3s-12s
H123-SK Skidmark 145.0N 32.6lbf 1.5s 228.0g 8.0oz 106.0g 3.7oz 231mm 9.09" 3s-12s
H135-WH White 166.8N 37.5lbf 1.7s 251.2g 8.9oz 119.8g 4.2oz 231mm 9.09" 3s-12s
H151-RL Red Lightning 209.6N 47.1lbf 1.4s 238.0g 8.4oz 118.0g 4.2oz 231mm 9.09" 6s-15s
H170-BS Blue Streak 240.0N 54.0lbf 1.3s 232.0g 8.2oz 111.0g 3.9oz 231mm 9.09" 5s-14s
H175-SS Smoky Sam 236.0N 53.1lbf 1.0s 247.0g 8.7oz 122.0g 4.3oz 231mm 9.09" 5s-14s
H255-WT White Thunder 345.0N 77.6lbf 0.9s 232.0g 8.2oz 113.0g 4.0oz 231mm 9.09" 5s-14s
Pro29 5G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
H140-CL Classic 245.0N 55.1lbf 2.0s 277.0g 9.8oz 139.0g 4.9oz 276mm 10.87" 2s-11s
H160-SK Skidmark 185.0N 41.6lbf 1.4s 272.0g 9.6oz 132.0g 4.7oz 276mm 10.87" 5s-14s
H194-RL Red Lightning 286.0N 64.3lbf 1.3s 284.0g 10.0oz 145.0g 5.1oz 276mm 10.87" 5s-14s
H200-BS Blue Streak 295.0N 66.3lbf 1.4s 274.0g 9.7oz 136.0g 4.8oz 276mm 10.87" 5s-14s
H237-SS Smoky Sam 296.0N 66.5lbf 0.9s 276.0g 9.7oz 151.0g 5.3oz 276mm 10.87" 4s-13s
Pro29 6G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
H159-GR Green 185.4N 41.7lbf 1.9s 342.8g 12.1oz 187.4g 6.6oz 320mm 12.60" 6s-15s
H160-CL Classic 316.0N 71.0lbf 2.2s 319.0g 11.3oz 166.0g 5.9oz 320mm 12.60" 3s-12s
H180-SK Skidmark 270.0N 60.7lbf 1.6s 314.0g 11.1oz 158.0g 5.6oz 320mm 12.60" 5s-14s
H233-RL Red Lightning 348.0N 78.2lbf 1.4s 320.0g 11.3oz 173.8g 6.1oz 320mm 12.60" 5s-14s
H255-BS Blue Streak 412.0N 92.6lbf 1.3s 318.0g 11.2oz 162.0g 5.7oz 320mm 12.60" 5s-14s
H295-SS Smoky Sam 370.0N 83.2lbf 0.9s 320.0g 11.3oz 181.0g 6.4oz 320mm 12.60" 4s-13s
H399-WT White Thunder 555.0N 124.8lbf 0.7s 294.0g 10.4oz 140.0g 4.9oz 320mm 12.60" 3s-12s
I204-IM Imax 395.0N 88.8lbf 1.7s 349.0g 12.3oz 194.0g 6.8oz 320mm 12.60" 4s-13s
Pro29 6GXL Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
H226-SK Skidmark 353.0N 79.3lbf 1.4s 360.0g 12.7oz 175.0g 6.2oz 365mm 14.37" 5s-14s
H340-SS Smoky Sam 441.2N 99.2lbf 0.9s 391.0g 13.8oz 206.0g 7.3oz 365mm 14.37" 5s-14s
I224-CL Classic 433.1N 97.4lbf 1.7s 370.0g 13.1oz 196.7g 6.9oz 365mm 14.37" 6s-15s
I243-WH White 443.4N 99.7lbf 1.7s 398.6g 14.1oz 212.1g 7.5oz 365mm 14.37" 4s-13s
Pro38 1G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
G46-CL Classic 88.0N 19.8lbf 2.8s 197.0g 6.9oz 78.0g 2.8oz 127mm 5.00" 2s-11s
G50-IM Imax 72.0N 16.2lbf 3.0s 218.0g 7.7oz 77.7g 2.7oz 127mm 5.00" 6s-15s
G58-WH White 90.2N 20.3lbf 2.5s 212.5g 7.5oz 76.3g 2.7oz 127mm 5.00" 4s-13s
G60-RL Red Lightning 88.1N 19.8lbf 2.3s 206.0g 7.3oz 86.0g 3.0oz 127mm 5.00" 5s-14s
G69-SK Skidmark 91.9N 20.7lbf 2.0s 198.0g 7.0oz 67.0g 2.4oz 126mm 4.96" 5s-14s
G78-BS Blue Streak 137.9N 31.0lbf 1.9s 197.0g 6.9oz 69.0g 2.4oz 126mm 4.96" 6s-15s
G79-SS Smoky Sam 95.8N 21.5lbf 1.6s 226.0g 8.0oz 85.0g 3.0oz 127mm 5.00" 4s-13s
G115-WT White Thunder 133.3N 30.0lbf 1.2s 195.0g 6.9oz 77.0g 2.7oz 127mm 5.00" 4s-13s
G185-VM Vmax 205.0N 46.1lbf 0.7s 188.0g 6.6oz 71.7g 2.5oz 127mm 5.00" 3s-12s
Pro38 2G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
H100-IM Imax 116.8N 26.3lbf 2.8s 327.0g 11.5oz 173.0g 6.1oz 186mm 7.32" 6s-15s
H110-WH White 124.9N 28.1lbf 2.7s 325.3g 11.5oz 152.6g 5.4oz 186mm 7.32" 5s-14s
H120-RL Red Lightning 147.2N 33.1lbf 2.1s 295.0g 10.4oz 141.0g 5.0oz 186mm 7.32" 5s-14s
H123-SK Skidmark 153.1N 34.4lbf 2.0s 297.0g 10.5oz 123.0g 4.3oz 186mm 7.32" 5s-14s
H125-CL Classic 154.1N 34.6lbf 2.1s 293.0g 10.3oz 138.0g 4.9oz 186mm 7.32" 3s-12s
H143-SS Smoky Sam 167.0N 37.5lbf 1.7s 347.0g 12.2oz 165.4g 5.8oz 186mm 7.32" 4s-13s
H152-BS Blue Streak 212.1N 47.7lbf 1.9s 298.0g 10.5oz 138.0g 4.9oz 186mm 7.32" 6s-15s
H225-WT White Thunder 260.7N 58.6lbf 1.2s 293.0g 10.3oz 141.0g 5.0oz 186mm 7.32" 5s-14s
H400-VM Vmax 439.2N 98.7lbf 0.6s 283.6g 10.0oz 135.2g 4.8oz 186mm 7.32" 4s-13s
Pro38 3G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
H565-VM Vmax 645.3N 145.1lbf 0.6s 362.2g 12.8oz 174.2g 6.1oz 245mm 9.65" 1s-14s
I170-CL Classic 206.7N 46.5lbf 2.7s 392.0g 13.8oz 203.0g 7.2oz 245mm 9.65" 3s-12s
I175-WH White 195.1N 43.9lbf 2.5s 437.5g 15.4oz 228.9g 8.1oz 245mm 9.65" 1s-14s
I180-SK Skidmark 214.9N 48.3lbf 2.0s 394.0g 13.9oz 200.0g 7.1oz 243mm 9.57" 5s-14s
I195-RL Red Lightning 235.4N 52.9lbf 2.0s 417.0g 14.7oz 226.0g 8.0oz 245mm 9.65" 7s-16s
I212-SS Smoky Sam 255.2N 57.4lbf 1.7s 475.0g 16.8oz 248.1g 8.8oz 245mm 9.65" 5s-14s
I236-BS Blue Streak 312.7N 70.3lbf 1.8s 400.0g 14.1oz 204.0g 7.2oz 243mm 9.57" 8s-17s
I345-WT White Thunder 386.0N 86.8lbf 1.3s 395.0g 13.9oz 205.0g 7.2oz 245mm 9.65" 6s-15s
I566-VM Vmax 628.6N 141.3lbf 0.7s 384.2g 13.6oz 197.8g 7.0oz 245mm 9.65" 6s-15s
Pro38 4G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
I223-SK Skidmark 260.2N 58.5lbf 2.0s 494.0g 17.4oz 266.0g 9.4oz 303mm 11.93" 5s-14s
I242-WH White 286.1N 64.3lbf 2.4s 549.9g 19.4oz 224.8g 7.9oz 303mm 11.93" 6s-15s
I255-RL Red Lightning 311.8N 70.1lbf 2.0s 516.0g 18.2oz 290.0g 10.2oz 303mm 11.93" 7s-16s
I285-CL Classic 350.6N 78.8lbf 1.9s 505.9g 17.8oz 272.4g 9.6oz 303mm 11.93" 6s-15s
I287-SS Smoky Sam 344.2N 77.4lbf 1.7s 605.0g 21.3oz 330.8g 11.7oz 303mm 11.93" 6s-15s
I303-BS Blue Streak 414.2N 93.1lbf 1.8s 500.0g 17.6oz 270.0g 9.5oz 303mm 11.93" 7s-16s
I470-WT White Thunder 546.9N 122.9lbf 1.2s 495.0g 17.5oz 267.0g 9.4oz 303mm 11.93" 6s-15s
I800-VM Vmax 888.7N 199.8lbf 0.5s 457.0g 16.1oz 232.5g 8.2oz 303mm 11.93" 6s-15s
Pro38 5G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
I125-WH White 267.8N 60.2lbf 4.6s 647.0g 22.8oz 355.6g 12.5oz 367mm 14.45" 3s-10s
I216-CL Classic 343.7N 77.3lbf 3.0s 601.0g 21.2oz 312.5g 11.0oz 367mm 14.45" 5s-14s
I297-SK Skidmark 375.1N 84.3lbf 1.9s 591.0g 20.8oz 329.0g 11.6oz 367mm 14.45" 6s-15s
I350-SS Smoky Sam 399.7N 89.9lbf 1.7s 782.0g 27.6oz 413.5g 14.6oz 367mm 14.45" 7s-16s
I540-WT White Thunder 626.0N 140.7lbf 1.2s 598.2g 21.1oz 328.8g 11.6oz 367mm 14.45" 7s-16s
J270-GR Green 301.9N 67.9lbf 2.5s 654.8g 23.1oz 376.0g 13.3oz 367mm 14.45" 5s-13s
J285-CL Classic 369.3N 83.0lbf 2.3s 595.0g 21.0oz 312.5g 11.0oz 367mm 14.45" 6s-15s
J290-WH White 391.6N 88.0lbf 2.4s 659.8g 23.3oz 381.5g 13.5oz 367mm 14.45" 6s-15s
J316-PK Pink 443.2N 99.6lbf 2.2s 607.1g 21.4oz 350.8g 12.4oz 367mm 14.45" 8s-17s
J335-RL Red Lightning 416.0N 93.5lbf 1.9s 627.0g 22.1oz 366.0g 12.9oz 367mm 14.45" 6s-15s
J357-BS Blue Streak 512.9N 115.3lbf 1.8s 601.0g 21.2oz 337.0g 11.9oz 367mm 14.45" 8s-17s
Pro38 6G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
J330-CL Classic 459.3N 103.3lbf 2.3s 702.0g 24.8oz 375.0g 13.2oz 421mm 16.57" 7s-16s
J354-WH White 519.7N 116.8lbf 2.5s 778.2g 27.5oz 457.8g 16.1oz 421mm 16.57" 7s-16s
J381-SK Skidmark 505.0N 113.5lbf 1.9s 688.0g 24.3oz 396.0g 14.0oz 421mm 16.57" 6s-15s
J400-SS Smoky Sam 482.1N 108.4lbf 1.8s 702.0g 24.8oz 489.6g 17.3oz 421mm 16.57" 7s-16s
J410-RL Red Lightning 507.7N 114.1lbf 1.9s 735.0g 25.9oz 434.0g 15.3oz 421mm 16.57" 7s-16s
J425-BS Blue Streak 632.4N 142.2lbf 2.0s 866.0g 30.5oz 511.0g 18.0oz 421mm 16.57" 7s-16s
Pro38 6GXL Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
J394-GR Green 491.8N 110.5lbf 2.5s 938.9g 33.1oz 572.1g 20.2oz 500mm 19.69" 4s-13s
J420-CL Classic 800.0N 179.8lbf 2.6s 874.0g 30.8oz 522.0g 18.4oz 500mm 19.69" 6s-15s
J453-WH White 725.2N 163.0lbf 2.4s 964.3g 34.0oz 613.2g 21.6oz 500mm 19.69" 7s-16s
J520-SK Skidmark 658.7N 148.1lbf 1.8s 850.0g 30.0oz 498.0g 17.6oz 500mm 19.69" 7s-16s
J530-IM Imax 800.0N 179.8lbf 2.1s 977.0g 34.5oz 625.0g 22.0oz 500mm 19.69" 6s-15s
J580-SS Smoky Sam 692.9N 155.8lbf 1.6s 1044.0g 36.8oz 688.0g 24.3oz 500mm 19.69" 8s-17s
J595-BS Blue Streak 925.0N 207.9lbf 1.7s 866.0g 30.5oz 511.0g 18.0oz 500mm 19.69" 7s-16s
J600-RL Red Lightning 721.9N 162.3lbf 1.7s 906.0g 32.0oz 551.0g 19.4oz 500mm 19.69" 7s-16s
Pro54 1G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
I120-IM Imax 148.5N 33.4lbf 4.3s 623.2g 22.0oz 300.0g 10.6oz 143mm 5.63" 5s-15s
I140-SK Skidmark 160.2N 36.0lbf 2.9s 564.3g 19.9oz 239.2g 8.4oz 143mm 5.63" 4s-14s
I150-BS Blue Streak 179.9N 40.4lbf 3.2s 570.0g 20.1oz 226.0g 8.0oz 143mm 5.63" 1s-11s
I165-CS C-Star 188.6N 42.4lbf 3.5s 594.0g 21.0oz 267.0g 9.4oz 69mm 2.72" 7s-17s
I218-WT White Thunder 263.7N 59.3lbf 2.3s 580.0g 20.5oz 230.0g 8.1oz 143mm 5.63" 4s-14s
I445-VM Vmax 529.0N 118.9lbf 1.1s 575.0g 20.3oz 242.0g 8.5oz 143mm 5.63" 6s-16s
Pro54 2G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
I100-RLLB Red Longburn 332.4N 74.7lbf 9.0s 807.0g 28.5oz 350.1g 12.3oz 236mm 9.29" 7s-17s
J210-CL Classic 335.0N 75.3lbf 4.0s 842.0g 29.7oz 396.0g 14.0oz 236mm 9.29" 6s-16s
J240-RL Red Lightning 292.6N 65.8lbf 3.3s 875.0g 30.9oz 469.0g 16.5oz 236mm 9.29" 6s-16s
J244-WH White 266.5N 59.9lbf 3.5s 911.0g 32.1oz 511.0g 18.0oz 236mm 9.29" 5s-14s
J250-SK Skidmark 283.6N 63.8lbf 3.0s 830.0g 29.3oz 406.0g 14.3oz 236mm 9.29" 6s-15s
J280-SS Smoky Sam 321.1N 72.2lbf 2.5s 954.0g 33.7oz 512.0g 18.1oz 236mm 9.29" 6s-16s
J293-BS Blue Streak 386.3N 86.8lbf 2.9s 840.0g 29.6oz 416.0g 14.7oz 236mm 9.29" 3s-13s
J430-WT White Thunder 538.7N 121.1lbf 2.0s 799.8g 28.2oz 384.0g 13.5oz 236mm 9.29" 0s-18s
J1055-VM Vmax 1117.9N 251.3lbf 0.7s 772.0g 27.2oz 379.0g 13.4oz 236mm 9.29" 7s-17s
Pro54 3G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
J140-WHLB White Longburn 216.2N 48.6lbf 9.5s 1279.8g 45.1oz 680.0g 24.0oz 329mm 12.95" P
J295-CL Classic 450.5N 101.3lbf 4.0s 1119.0g 39.5oz 594.0g 21.0oz 329mm 12.95" 6s-16s
J355-RL Red Lightning 430.9N 96.9lbf 3.4s 1175.0g 41.4oz 680.0g 24.0oz 329mm 12.95" 7s-17s
J360-SK Skidmark 560.7N 126.0lbf 3.0s 1104.0g 38.9oz 606.0g 21.4oz 329mm 12.95" 6s-15s
J380-SS Smoky Sam 434.6N 97.7lbf 2.7s 1293.3g 45.6oz 769.0g 27.1oz 329mm 12.95" 6s-16s
J449-BS Blue Streak 586.9N 131.9lbf 2.8s 1122.0g 39.6oz 624.0g 22.0oz 329mm 12.95" 5s-15s
J760-WT White Thunder 938.6N 211.0lbf 1.7s 1076.8g 38.0oz 576.0g 20.3oz 329mm 12.95" 9s-19s
J1520-VM Vmax 1661.7N 373.6lbf 0.7s 1026.0g 36.2oz 544.0g 19.2oz 329mm 12.95" 7s-17s
K360-WH White 405.2N 91.1lbf 3.5s 1232.0g 43.5oz 747.0g 26.3oz 329mm 12.95" 4s-13s
Pro54 4G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
K160-CL Classic 272.2N 61.2lbf 9.7s 1472.0g 51.9oz 848.0g 29.9oz 404mm 15.91" 6
K400-GR Green 475.4N 106.9lbf 4.0s 1551.3g 54.7oz 969.0g 34.2oz 404mm 15.91" 4s-14s
K445-CL Classic 664.8N 149.5lbf 3.7s 1398.0g 49.3oz 792.0g 27.9oz 404mm 15.91" 7s-17s
K454-SK Skidmark 586.0N 131.7lbf 3.1s 1391.0g 49.1oz 821.0g 29.0oz 404mm 15.91" 10s-19s
K500-RL Red Lightning 595.3N 133.8lbf 3.2s 1476.0g 52.1oz 904.0g 31.9oz 404mm 15.91" 8s-18s
K530-SS Smoky Sam 596.4N 134.1lbf 2.7s 1639.8g 57.8oz 1025.0g 36.2oz 404mm 15.91" 6s-16s
K630-BS Blue Streak 791.4N 177.9lbf 2.8s 1410.0g 49.7oz 912.0g 32.2oz 405mm 15.94" 5s-15s
K740-CS C-Star 869.3N 195.4lbf 2.5s 1469.0g 51.8oz 900.0g 31.7oz 404mm 15.91" 8s-18s
K940-WT White Thunder 1115.8N 250.8lbf 1.8s 1366.5g 48.2oz 768.0g 27.1oz 404mm 15.91" 8s-18s
K2045-VM Vmax 2184.0N 491.0lbf 0.7s 1290.0g 45.5oz 725.0g 25.6oz 404mm 15.91" 7s-17s
Pro54 5G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
K261-WHLB White Longburn 359.3N 80.8lbf 9.0s 1931.7g 68.1oz 1151.9g 40.6oz 488mm 19.21" P
K490-GR Green 593.8N 133.5lbf 4.1s 1854.1g 65.4oz 1201.2g 42.4oz 488mm 19.21" 6s-16s
K515-SK Skidmark 710.0N 159.6lbf 3.4s 1654.0g 58.3oz 1013.0g 35.7oz 488mm 19.21" 6s-16s
K570-CL Classic 892.7N 200.7lbf 3.6s 1685.0g 59.4oz 990.0g 34.9oz 488mm 19.21" 7s-17s
K635-RL Red Lightning 760.8N 171.0lbf 3.1s 1768.0g 62.4oz 1119.0g 39.5oz 488mm 19.21" 7s-17s
K650-PK Pink 1353.5N 304.3lbf 3.5s 1710.0g 60.3oz 1065.1g 37.6oz 488mm 19.21" 11s-21s
K650-SS Smoky Sam 728.7N 163.8lbf 2.7s 1989.9g 70.2oz 1281.0g 45.2oz 488mm 19.21" 6s-16s
K780-BS Blue Streak 1014.2N 228.0lbf 2.8s 1700.0g 60.0oz 1140.0g 40.2oz 488mm 19.21" 5s-15s
K1200-WT White Thunder 1369.5N 307.9lbf 1.7s 1631.9g 57.6oz 981.4g 34.6oz 488mm 19.21" 7s-17s
Pro54 6G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
K260-CL Classic 430.4N 96.8lbf 8.7s 2047.5g 72.2oz 1241.3g 43.8oz 572mm 22.52" P
K590-DT Dual Thrust 1812.1N 407.4lbf 4.3s 1994.0g 70.3oz 1239.0g 43.7oz 572mm 22.52" 7s-15s
K660-CL Classic 1078.9N 242.5lbf 3.7s 1949.0g 68.7oz 1177.0g 41.5oz 572mm 22.52" 7s-17s
K675-SK Skidmark 930.0N 209.1lbf 3.1s 1940.0g 68.4oz 1200.0g 42.3oz 572mm 22.52" 8s-18s
K750-RL Red Lightning 960.0N 215.8lbf 3.1s 2057.0g 72.6oz 1324.0g 46.7oz 572mm 22.52" 8s-18s
K820-BS Blue Streak 1720.0N 386.7lbf 3.0s 1982.0g 69.9oz 1232.0g 43.5oz 572mm 22.52" 7s-17s
K1440-WT White Thunder 2168.2N 487.4lbf 1.7s 1892.6g 66.8oz 1162.4g 41.0oz 572mm 22.52" 7s-17s
Pro54 6GXL Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
K300-CL Classic 543.3N 122.1lbf 8.4s 2270.0g 80.1oz 1377.6g 48.6oz 649mm 25.55" P
K815-SK Skidmark 1200.0N 269.8lbf 2.9s 2197.0g 77.5oz 1371.0g 48.4oz 649mm 25.55" P
L640-DT Dual Thrust 1554.1N 349.4lbf 4.3s 2244.0g 79.2oz 1455.0g 51.3oz 649mm 25.55" P
L730-CL Classic 1216.6N 273.5lbf 3.8s 2247.0g 79.3oz 1351.0g 47.7oz 649mm 25.55" P
L805-WH White 1618.1N 363.7lbf 3.8s 2502.5g 88.3oz 1675.2g 59.1oz 649mm 25.55" P
L935-IM Imax 1582.7N 355.8lbf 3.3s 2542.0g 89.7oz 1734.7g 61.2oz 649mm 25.55" P
L990-BS Blue Streak 1625.0N 365.3lbf 2.9s 2236.0g 78.9oz 1417.0g 50.0oz 649mm 25.55" P
L1030-RL Red Lightning 1539.4N 346.1lbf 2.7s 2338.0g 82.5oz 1520.0g 53.6oz 649mm 25.55" P
Pro75 2G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
K510-CL Classic 669.2N 150.4lbf 4.8s 2590.0g 91.4oz 1197.0g 42.2oz 350mm 13.78" P
K555-WH White 639.5N 143.8lbf 4.3s 2759.0g 97.3oz 1486.0g 52.4oz 350mm 13.78" P
K661-BS Blue Streak 758.1N 170.4lbf 3.8s 2527.8g 89.2oz 1262.5g 44.5oz 350mm 13.78" P
K735-SK Skidmark 889.3N 199.9lbf 2.8s 2508.8g 88.5oz 1222.1g 43.1oz 350mm 13.78" P
K1085-WT White Thunder 1174.5N 264.0lbf 2.3s 2430.0g 85.7oz 1199.0g 42.3oz 350mm 13.78" P
K2000-VM Vmax 2473.7N 556.1lbf 1.2s 2464.5g 86.9oz 1164.2g 41.1oz 350mm 13.78" P
L585-IM Imax 659.0N 148.1lbf 4.6s 2784.0g 98.2oz 1524.0g 53.8oz 350mm 13.78" P
L910-CS C-Star 1047.5N 235.5lbf 3.3s 2615.8g 92.3oz 1364.3g 48.1oz 350mm 13.78" P
Pro75 3G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
L645-GR Green 765.0N 172.0lbf 5.4s 3751.8g 132.3oz 2144.1g 75.6oz 486mm 19.13" P
L800-CL Classic 1285.5N 289.0lbf 4.7s 3511.0g 123.8oz 1795.0g 63.3oz 486mm 19.13" P
L820-SK Skidmark 957.8N 215.3lbf 3.8s 3420.0g 120.6oz 1760.0g 62.1oz 486mm 19.13" P
L851-WH White 980.1N 220.3lbf 4.3s 3789.0g 133.7oz 2195.0g 77.4oz 486mm 19.13" P
L995-RL Red Lightning 1280.0N 287.7lbf 3.8s 3591.0g 126.7oz 1996.0g 70.4oz 486mm 19.13" P
L1050-BS Blue Streak 1207.3N 271.4lbf 3.7s 3447.7g 121.6oz 1863.4g 65.7oz 486mm 19.13" P
L1350-CS C-Star 1540.7N 346.4lbf 3.3s 3570.7g 126.0oz 2024.5g 71.4oz 486mm 19.13" P
L1720-WT White Thunder 1946.7N 437.6lbf 2.1s 3341.0g 117.9oz 1755.0g 61.9oz 486mm 19.13" P
L3200-VM Vmax 3711.9N 834.4lbf 1.1s 3263.7g 115.1oz 1658.4g 58.5oz 486mm 19.13" P
Pro75 4G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
L1115-CL Classic 1713.2N 385.1lbf 4.5s 4404.0g 155.3oz 2394.0g 84.4oz 621mm 24.45" P
L1355-SS Smoky Sam 1750.0N 393.4lbf 3.2s 4962.0g 175.0oz 3076.0g 108.5oz 621mm 24.45" P
L1395-BS Blue Streak 1800.0N 404.6lbf 3.5s 4323.0g 152.5oz 2475.0g 87.3oz 621mm 24.45" P
L2375-WT White Thunder 2608.3N 586.3lbf 2.1s 4161.0g 146.8oz 2321.0g 81.9oz 621mm 24.45" P
M1230-IM Imax 1507.1N 338.8lbf 4.7s 4844.0g 170.9oz 2992.0g 105.5oz 621mm 24.45" P
M1830-CS C-Star 2300.8N 517.2lbf 3.2s 4524.0g 159.6oz 2666.0g 94.0oz 621mm 24.45" P
M2250-CS C-Star 2663.2N 598.7lbf 2.5s 4415.0g 155.7oz 2628.0g 92.7oz 621mm 24.45" P
Pro75 5G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
L1410-SK Skidmark 1596.3N 358.9lbf 3.4s 5115.0g 180.4oz 2875.0g 101.4oz 757mm 29.80" P
L1685-SS Smoky Sam 2300.0N 517.0lbf 3.2s 6051.0g 213.4oz 3830.0g 135.1oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1160-GR Green 1381.9N 310.7lbf 5.1s 5698.0g 201.0oz 3517.0g 124.1oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1300-IM Imax 2827.1N 635.5lbf 4.9s 5657.0g 199.5oz 3595.0g 126.8oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1400-CL Classic 2291.8N 515.2lbf 4.5s 5302.0g 187.0oz 2992.0g 105.5oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1401-WH White 1669.3N 375.3lbf 4.8s 5774.0g 203.7oz 3615.0g 127.5oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1540-IM Imax 2400.0N 539.5lbf 4.5s 5906.0g 208.3oz 3778.0g 133.3oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1670-BS Blue Streak 2200.0N 494.6lbf 3.9s 5231.0g 184.5oz 3101.0g 109.4oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1675-PK Pink 2073.0N 466.0lbf 3.8s 5223.0g 184.2oz 3159.0g 111.4oz 757mm 29.80" P
M1810-RL Red Lightning 2085.0N 468.7lbf 3.6s 5416.0g 191.0oz 3297.0g 116.3oz 757mm 29.80" P
M3100-WT White Thunder 3665.5N 824.0lbf 2.0s 5018.0g 177.0oz 2950.0g 104.1oz 757mm 29.80" P
Pro75 6G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
M840-WHLB White Longburn 1980.0N 445.1lbf 9.0s 6954.0g 245.3oz 4436.0g 156.5oz 879mm 34.61" P
M1590-CL Classic 2302.9N 517.7lbf 4.8s 5223.0g 184.2oz 3159.0g 111.4oz 893mm 35.16" P
M1770-SK Skidmark 1982.0N 445.6lbf 3.5s 6157.8g 217.2oz 3520.0g 124.2oz 937mm 36.89" P
M2020-IM Imax 2649.4N 595.6lbf 4.3s 7031.8g 248.0oz 4349.0g 153.4oz 893mm 35.16" P
M2045-BS Blue Streak 2570.1N 577.8lbf 3.6s 6071.0g 214.1oz 3739.0g 131.9oz 893mm 35.16" P
M2075-SS Smoky Sam 2931.5N 659.0lbf 3.0s 7191.3g 253.7oz 4593.1g 162.0oz 893mm 35.16" P
M2150-RL Red Lightning 2610.8N 586.9lbf 3.5s 6324.0g 223.1oz 3969.0g 140.0oz 893mm 35.16" P
M3700-WT White Thunder 4105.5N 922.9lbf 1.8s 5778.5g 203.8oz 3106.5g 109.6oz 803mm 31.61" P
Pro75 6GXL Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
M1545-GR Green 1828.5N 411.0lbf 5.4s 7878.3g 277.9oz 4835.0g 170.5oz 1025mm 40.35" P
M2080-SK Skidmark 2554.6N 574.3lbf 3.5s 7039.5g 248.3oz 4107.0g 144.9oz 1025mm 40.35" P
M2245-IM Imax 3045.7N 684.7lbf 4.4s 8182.0g 288.6oz 5309.0g 187.3oz 1025mm 40.35" P
Pro98 1G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
K1620-VM Vmax 1844.8N 414.7lbf 1.5s 3077.0g 108.5oz 1212.0g 42.8oz 240mm 9.45" P
Pro98 2G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
L610-CL Classic 929.7N 209.0lbf 8.1s 4975.0g 175.5oz 2415.0g 85.2oz 394mm 15.51" P
L3150-VM Vmax 3656.9N 822.1lbf 1.6s 4807.8g 169.6oz 2376.0g 83.8oz 394mm 15.51" P
M1560-WT White Thunder 1808.0N 406.4lbf 3.5s 4977.0g 175.6oz 2583.0g 91.1oz 394mm 15.51" P
Pro98 3G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
M520-CLMB Moonburner 1077.0N 242.1lbf 13.8s 6693.0g 236.1oz 3658.0g 129.0oz 548mm 21.57" P
M1060-CL Classic 1494.0N 335.9lbf 7.2s 6673.0g 235.4oz 3622.0g 127.8oz 548mm 21.57" P
M1290-WH White 1559.0N 350.5lbf 6.0s 7411.0g 261.4oz 4421.0g 155.9oz 548mm 21.57" P
M1520-BS Blue Streak 1827.1N 410.7lbf 4.9s 6718.0g 237.0oz 3737.0g 131.8oz 548mm 21.57" P
M2505-WT White Thunder 2963.9N 666.3lbf 3.0s 6250.0g 220.5oz 3339.0g 117.8oz 548mm 21.57" P
M4770-VM Vmax 5854.3N 1316.1lbf 1.6s 6503.0g 229.4oz 3585.0g 126.5oz 548mm 21.57" P
Pro98 4G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
M795-CLMB Moonburner 1722.0N 387.1lbf 12.8s 8492.0g 299.5oz 4892.0g 172.6oz 702mm 27.64" P
M1450-CL Classic 2416.0N 543.1lbf 6.9s 8578.0g 302.6oz 4830.0g 170.4oz 702mm 27.64" P
M1790-SK Skidmark 2021.9N 454.5lbf 4.6s 8298.0g 292.7oz 4817.0g 169.9oz 702mm 27.64" P
M1800-BS Blue Streak 2177.2N 489.4lbf 5.6s 8342.0g 294.3oz 4959.0g 174.9oz 702mm 27.64" P
M1890-RL Red Lightning 2240.1N 503.6lbf 5.4s 8823.0g 311.2oz 5316.0g 187.5oz 702mm 27.64" P
M3400-WT White Thunder 3897.6N 876.2lbf 3.0s 8108.0g 286.0oz 4766.0g 168.1oz 702mm 27.64" P
M6400-VM Vmax 7244.6N 1628.6lbf 1.4s 7919.0g 279.3oz 4308.0g 152.0oz 702mm 27.64" P
N1800-WH White 2205.6N 495.8lbf 5.9s 9180.0g 323.8oz 4842.0g 170.8oz 702mm 27.64" P
Pro98 6G Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
N1100-CLMB Moonburner 2708.0N 608.8lbf 12.2s 11644.0g 410.7oz 6790.0g 239.5oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N1975-GR Green 2299.0N 516.8lbf 7.3s 13247.5g 467.3oz 8584.0g 302.8oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N2200-PK Pink 2755.8N 619.5lbf 5.9s 11356.0g 400.6oz 6308.0g 222.5oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N2500-CL Classic 3657.8N 822.3lbf 5.4s 11668.0g 411.6oz 6778.0g 239.1oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N2501-WH White 3488.4N 784.2lbf 6.1s 13308.0g 469.4oz 8704.0g 307.0oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N2600-SK Skidmark 2972.1N 668.1lbf 4.3s 11482.0g 405.0oz 6770.0g 238.8oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N2850-BS Blue Streak 3312.6N 744.7lbf 4.9s 11688.0g 412.3oz 6965.0g 245.7oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N3180-RL Red Lightning 3738.0N 840.3lbf 4.6s 12198.0g 430.3oz 7544.0g 266.1oz 1010mm 39.76" P
N10000-VM Vmax 11475.8N 2579.8lbf 1.0s 9918.5g 349.9oz 5335.0g 188.2oz 1010mm 39.76" P
Pro98 6GXL Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
N2540-GR Green 2895.0N 650.8lbf 7.2s 16280.5g 574.3oz 10704.2g 377.6oz 1239mm 48.78" P
N2900-CL Classic 4022.1N 904.2lbf 6.3s 14166.0g 499.7oz 8788.0g 310.0oz 1239mm 48.78" P
N3301-WH White 5000.0N 1124.0lbf 5.9s 16525.0g 582.9oz 10919.0g 385.2oz 1239mm 48.78" P
N3400-SK Skidmark 3973.5N 893.2lbf 4.3s 13972.0g 492.8oz 8471.0g 298.8oz 1239mm 48.78" P
N3800-BS Blue Streak 4729.3N 1063.1lbf 4.7s 14261.0g 503.0oz 8710.0g 307.2oz 1239mm 48.78" P
N4100-RL Red Lightning 4772.8N 1072.9lbf 4.3s 14748.0g 520.2oz 9380.0g 330.9oz 1293mm 50.91" P
N5800-CS C-Star 6957.3N 1564.0lbf 3.6s 14826.0g 523.0oz 9425.0g 332.5oz 1239mm 48.78" P
O3400-IM Imax 4698.6N 1056.2lbf 6.3s 16842.0g 594.1oz 11272.0g 397.6oz 1239mm 48.78" P
Pro150 30k Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
O5800-WT White Thunder 6345.3N 1426.4lbf 5.2s 26368.0g 930.1oz 14864.0g 524.3oz 754mm 29.69" P
Pro150 40k Peak Thrust Duration Initial Mass Prop Weight Length Delay
O3700-SK Skidmark 4030.3N 906.0lbf 8.4s 31350.5g 1105.9oz 17157.0g 605.2oz 957mm 37.68" P
O4900-BS Blue Streak 5500.0N 1236.4lbf 7.8s 32648.0g 1151.6oz 18898.0g 666.6oz 957mm 37.68" P
O8000-WT White Thunder 9705.7N 2181.8lbf 5.1s 32672.0g 1152.5oz 19194.0g 677.0oz 957mm 37.68" P